Welcome to Beaufort Co-operative Academy Prospectus

This prospectus website has been designed to give you an insight into the wide range of opportunities on offer at Beaufort Co-operative Academy. We aim to provide a secure, friendly yet disciplined environment in which every individual student is able to develop their full potential and thrive under our Co-operative values.

We expect high standards of work, behaviour and dress from all our students and I am very proud of the way they represent the Academy in so many areas of excellence, within and beyond the curriculum. We are also fortunate to have a well qualified and committed staff who contribute to a high quality learning environment and the benefit of a strong tradition of partnership with the local community and our parents. In return, the Academy strapline, OUR, clearly states what we stand for and offer you; open to all, unlocking potential, raising aspirations.

I hope you will find this prospectus informative, and you will want to find out more about Beaufort Co-operative Academy. I am more than happy to speak to parents/carers on the phone or meet you personally, should you wish to do so. Also, you are very welcome to visit the Academy during a working day to meet students and staff.

Beaufort Co-operative Academy is an 11 - 18 mixed comprehensive Academy sponsored by The Schools Co-operative Society.  The number of students on roll is 1180 and the Principal is Mr David Bishop.

The information in this prospectus is to support students transferring to secondary education in September 2017.

The County Council deals with admissions into Year 7 of Beaufort Co-operative Academy. The Planned Admission Limit for Year 7 in September 2017 is 224 students.

Prospective students and their parents will be able to visit the Academy on an OPEN EVENING on Thursday 14th September 2017 between 6.00pm and 8:30pm.  There is an opportunity to see the Academy at work during a normal session on our OPEN MORNINGS on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September 2017 at 9.00am.

The transfer from Primary School to Secondary School can be an anxious time for students and parents.  We operate an Open Door Policy for parents - any parent will be received at any time and shown around the Academy.  A telephone call before such a visit is helpful so that the Principal or another senior member of staff can be available and an appointment can be made.

Students who are due to come in September will be able to spend a day with us in July and will have lessons in their new Teaching Groups.  There will be a meeting for new parents the previous evening to meet staff and buy Academy uniform.

Guidance on admissions procedures is contained in the booklet published by, and available from, Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Gloucester. Advice on the admissions procedure is available from the Children and Young Peoples Directorate, telephone number 01452 425000 All applications are made to, and handled by, Gloucestershire County Council - School Admissions Site

If you require any further information or would like to visit the Academy, please contact the Principal, David Bishop, at the Academy.  Contact Us

I look forward to welcoming you to Beaufort Co-operative Academy and working with you all in the future.

David Bishop