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From Brockworth/Hucclecote via Barnwood, City Centre, Stroud Road, Seymour Road, Tuffley Avenue, Podsmead Road and Windsor Drive to Beaufort Co-operative Academy.

This route serves the catchment areas of Barnwood, Elmbridge, Kingsholm, St. Paul’s, Linden, Calton, Grange and Harewood Primary Schools

Stagecoach                    Telephone:         01452 527516


An Academy coach service will run, covering the following areas:



0749:                           FINLAY ROAD OUTSIDE SHOPS

0751:                           FINLAY ROAD OUTSIDE FINLAY SCHOOL

0753:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, JUST BEFORE BRIDGE

0756:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, PAST HUXLEY ROAD

0800:                           STROUD ROAD, ST BARNABAS       

0820:                           ARRIVE AT BEAUFORT CO-OPERATIVE ACADEMY



1505:                           LEAVE BEAUFORT CO-OPERATIVE ACADEMY

1512:                           STROUD ROAD, OPP ST BARNABAS CHURCH

1520:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, OUTSIDE TREDWORTH JUNIOR SCH

1523:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, JUST BEFORE HATHERLEY ROAD

1526:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, JUST AFTER BRIDGE

1528:                           FINLAY ROAD OUTSIDE ST ALDATES HALL

1530:                           FINLAY ROAD OPPOSITE THE SHOPS




0740:                           CONEY HILL, HIGHFIELD PLACE

0741:                           CONEY HILL SHOPS

0746:                           ABBEYMEAD AVE, PAST SHOPS

0750:                           NORBURY AVE, STOP NEXT TO PLAYING FIELDS

0752:                           NORBURY AVE, JUST BEFORE PRESCOTT AVENUE

0753:                           BANEBERRY ROAD, JUST BEFORE THE THREE OAKS PUB

0754:                           RESERVOIR ROAD, OUTSIDE ST ALDATE’S HALL

0757:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, PAST HUXLEY ROAD

0800:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, FIRST BUS STOP STROUD RD END

0801:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, OUTSIDE LETTING AGENTS

0803:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, OUTSIDE THE CO-OPERATIVE

0804:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, LAST STOP BEFORE TUFFLEY AVE

0820:                           ARRIVE AT BEAUFORT CO-OPERATIVE ACADEMY



1505:                           LEAVE BEAUFORT CO-OPERATIVE ACADEMY

1511:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, FIRST STOP TUFFLEY AVE END

1512:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, OPPOSITE THE CO-OPERATIVE

1513:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, OPPOSITE THE LETTING AGENTS

1514:                           SEYMOUR ROAD, LAST STOP BEFORE STROUD ROAD

1517:                           TREDWORTH ROAD, OUTSIDE SCHOOL                               

1521:                           RESERVOIR ROAD, OPP ST ALDATE’S HALL

1523:                           BANEBERRY ROAD, JUST PAST THE THREE OAKS PUB

1524:                           NORBURY AVE, JUST AFTER PRESCOTT AVENUE

1526:                           NORBURY AVE, OUTSIDE FLATS BEFORE ROUNDABOUT

1534:                           ABBEYMEAD AVE, OPP SCHOOL/SHOPS

1538:                           CONEY HILL, OPP SHOPS

1540:                           CONEY HILL, HIGHFIELD PLACE                                                

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Phone : 01452 886633
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More information is available from the Academy Office or from the bus operators.

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