How to Apply

Sixth Form Application Process for places in 2017-18 

24th November 2016 Sixth Form Open Evening

Visit the various subjects and discuss possible options with subject staff. 

Application for Beaufort Co-operative Academy Sixth Form

  • Decide on the subjects you wish to choose, again speak to your teachers about your suitability for the subject.
  • You should take into account your Teacher Progress Grades and your MEG
  • Discuss your choices with your Tutor and or a member of the Sixth Form Guidance Team
  • Complete the Application Form choosing your subjects (3 plus a reserve choice for Level 3 OR 2 subjects for Level 2).

Deadline for submission of your Application Form

  • Complete and submit your application by Monday 5th December 2016 to ensure that your subject choices are included in the Option Blocking process.
  • It will be possible to apply for the Sixth Form after this date but subjects will have to be chosen from the set Option Blocks.
  • Option Blocks will be set to accommodate the greatest number of student choices.

Sixth Form Interviews January - February 2017

  • Guidance Interviews will be held from the start of term 3 to discuss and confirm subject choices.
  • As a result of these interviews places in the Sixth Form will be offered subject to meeting the required GCSE performance criteria.
  • Further guidance interviews will be available to any student who requires additional advice.

Year 11 into Year 12 Induction - ‘Closing the Gap’ between Year 11 and Year 12

  • Monday 10th July/Tuesday 11th July 2017
  • To provide an insight into both the content and methods of level 3 study and the approach needed to cope with the much higher demands of this level of work.
  • An excellent opportunity for any students who are intending to embark on Level 3 study in September to ensure that they are prepared to make an effective start to their courses.