A message from Head Girl

'Hello and welcome to the Beaufort Co-operative Academy website. I’m Erica Bishop, the head girl of this academy.

I still remember my first day at this school like it was yesterday, everything was so exciting but daunting and I didn’t have any familiar people around, as I was one of the only students from my primary school. I speak from experience in saying that the first day is the scariest, I had no friends, I was in a foreign environment and I was meeting so many new people, my brain couldn’t keep up! I remember wishing back then that I could just see a familiar face and a helping hand, someone to talk to when I was confused but, at this time there was no such thing as a head girl at Beaufort. Times changed, the school became an Academy, lots of people left and even more people joined and as I grew up I realised how much I wanted to eliminate that first day feeling. Now, I am the head girl at this academy and my main goal is just to be a familiar face to the new people joining and to the existing students at Beaufort.

I am very proud of the facilities that are available at Beaufort especially the sixth form centre, it is a fantastic learning environment that’s full of countless opportunities and enthusiastic staff that will guide you through your higher education. I went from a timid 12 year old to a confident young woman with the help of the staff and the friends I made along the way. I hope you all have a similar experience at Beaufort Co-operative Academy and achieve your full potential.'

Erica Bishop

A message from Head Boy

A warm welcome to each of you. My name is Stefano Chiavelli and I am Beaufort Co-operative Academy’s Head Boy.

My story in this school is a bit different from everyone else’s as I only joined the Academy in the first year of Sixth Form, coming from Italy. However, entering this new school changed me in the most positive way. One of the first aspects that I could appreciate is how supportive and efficient the staff was. Not being very familiar during the first days, I often found myself asking questions both to staff and students, always being listened to in the friendliest way. This aspect tells a lot about the overall image of the Academy, which I was impressed with from the very beginning. I believe that in a social environment such as the school one, listening to pupils is the first step towards genuine development and mutual respect is what makes society work.

At Beaufort, I appreciated the fact that students are allowed to choose their subjects, something I wasn’t used to. This made me realise how positively the study of a subject, for which students have an interest in, can influence the final outcome and the overall quality work.

Another brilliant facility is the Sports centre. In fact, students can gain access to gym, cardio room and swimming pool as well as several rugby and football fields.

The Sixth Form centre is though what makes this school standout - pupils have the opportunity to interact with one another whilst revising during independent study periods. The access to the Internet and a high number of computers and technology allows me and my peers to have the best user experience in regards to multi-media homework and researches.

Overall, I would highly recommend the choice of this Academy as I’m quite confident you will have the same positive impact and experience I thankfully had.

Thank you all, 
Stefano Chiavelli